Sanatan’s first child Saint H.H. Bhargavram Prabhu always thinks of others and has the bhav that God is in the heart

Sanatan family’s obeisance with gratitude to H.H. Bhargavram Prabhu on the occasion of His sixth birthday

The sixth birthday of Sanatan Sanstha’s first child Saint, H.H. Bhargavram Prabhu is on Vaishakha Shukla Dashami (30.4.2023). On this occasion, we present one article on His qualities as perceived by His mother and grandmother through some examples. Many such articles have been published.

1. At the age of 5, when H.H. Bhargavram realised that Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Athavale’s photo had fallen to the ground, He prayed to Shri Durgadevi to protect Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Athavale from negative energies

A. Upon seeing that Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Athavale’s photo had fallen to the ground, H.H. Bhargavram said that since the negative energies are not able to cause any harm to Him, they were angry and threw the photo down : On 7.4.2022 at 9.30 a.m., along with H.H. Bhargavram I had gone to the Dhyan-mandir (Meditation hall) in Sanatan’s Ashram at Ramnathi (Goa) to perform spiritual remedies. There was a photo lying on the ground. A lady-seeker said that it is Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Athavale’s photo. H.H. Bhargavram said to me, “Let us pick it up and wipe it clean. Negative energies have pushed the photo down in extreme anger. They could not cause any harm to Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Athavale; hence, they have thrown His photo down”.

B. H.H. Bhargavram prayed to Shri Durgadevi to protect Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Athavale : At that time, H.H. Bhargavram gazed at the Idol of Shri Durgadevi placed in the Dhyan-mandir and said, “Let us appeal to Shri Durgadevi to protect Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Athavale”. Then, He prayed mentally with His palms joined.

– Mrs Bhavani Bharat Prabhu (H.H. Bhargavram’s mother), Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa. (7.4.2022)

2. Helping attitude

On the occasion of Anant Chaturdashi, the seekers of Mangaluru had planned a vehicle cleaning drive. There were two two-wheelers in front of our house. Two seekers along with H.H. Bhargavram’s friends, Master Gurudas Ramanand Gowda (Age 13; he is at the spiritual level of 57%) and Master Charandas Ramananda Gowda (Age 8; he is at the spiritual level 56%), came to take these two-wheelers.

When they reached the front of the Sevakendra, H.H. Bhargavram was there too. I asked Him, “Do you want to go with them ? I shall take You if You wish”. He replied, “No, Grandma, there is no one to say ‘Right-Right’ (In Karnataka, bus conductors say ‘Right-Right’ as a signal for the bus driver to start the journey from the bus stop) when they are leaving; hence, I want to give them direction. When I say ‘Right-Right’ they will go, that’s all”. Normally, children want to go with their friends and play with them, or they desire something that others have. However, H.H. Bhargavram wanted to help them. Hearing Him was a learning for me about how to think positively and help others during seva. I realised that H.H. Bhargavram was happier being able to help the seekers.

3. Fondness for sattvik colours

During one Online class session, H.H. Bhargavram’s school teacher was teaching about colours. When the teacher asked, ‘Children, which colour balloon do you like ?’, most of the children said ‘red’, while H.H. Bhargavram said ‘blue’. When the teacher put the same question to Him repeatedly (as she wanted to teach Him about the colour red), He kept saying blue. He was perceiving from within that blue is a sattvik (Spiritually pure) colour. Even after the teacher tried hard to teach Him, instead of saying red, He kept saying blue. Actually, He has not learnt how to differentiate colours and does not even know its English equivalent.

4. Tolerance

A. Encouraging others despite getting injured : On many occasions while playing, H.H. Bhargavram falls from the cycle or gets injured if He trips on a stone. At such times, He does not cry, nor does He allow us to use first-aid on Him. Instead, He consoles us by saying that the wound will heal fast.

B. He can tolerate pain and think of others even during a crisis : One morning He was playing with His toys in the living room before going to school. He was driving a toy car. Just then, His father walked through the living room carrying a bag with a big metal pot. H.H. Bhargavram did not notice His father and hit His forehead on the metal pot. He was in a lot of pain; but knowing that the incident occurred accidentally and His father was not at fault, He remained calm and bore the pain calmly.

H.H. Radha Prabhu (H.H. Bhargavram’s great-grandmother) pressed His forehead hard. I too called Him to see the extent of His injury; but He came to me only after His great-grandmother had attend to Him to her satisfaction.

He thought that if He gets up in the middle, His great-grandmother will feel upset. I was very surprised to see His ability to tolerate pain and being able to think about others even when in pain.

5. Love for animals and birds

A. Realisation that birds will need water during summer : Once, while I was putting clothes to dry in the Sun, a crow came. I told H.H. Bhargavram to bring some food for it. He replied, “The crow has already eaten its food. Now it is thirsty, so let’s give it water first”. Then, He filled a pot with water.

B. Filling a water pot for crows : One day while we were cleaning the house, we found a mud water pot that was used for filling drinking water. It was a bit big and heavy. Since it was difficult to use, we had kept it in the store room. Seeing the pot, H.H. Bhargavram remembered the story of the crow drinking water from a pot in which the water level was low. He lifted the heavy pot and placed it on the verandah. Then, He excavated some soil and brought some big stones and kept them near the pot. Next, He poured some water in the pot and waited for a crow to come. I said to Him, “If the pot is kept filled with water, then the crow will not have to pick up stones and put them in the pot to raise the level of water. It will be able to drink water directly”. To this He replied, “That is fine Grandma. But the crow has to learn how to drink when the water level is low; hence, I have added less water”. I was amazed by His learning attitude.

6. At times He loudly recites the Hanuman Kavach while playing

7. He says ‘God is in the heart’

Once during Shri Ganesh festival, a video on Shri Ganesh immersion was being screened. In the video, many children were crying, ‘Don’t immerse the Ganesh Idol !’ H.H. Bhargavram asked me, “Why are the children crying ?” I replied, “Bappa (God) is leaving now. He will return only next year; hence, the children are feeling sad and are crying”. To this H.H. Bhargavram said, “The children should not cry because Bappa has to compulsorily leave that day. Whenever they want to see Him, they can peep into their hearts (He spoke with His hands on His chest) ?” I was very astounded with His words.

8. Inclined to perform every act in a manner which imparts Chaitanya and not haphazardly

Every day when we apply fragrance and camphor to ourselves as a part of our spiritual remedies, we give these to Him too. One day I wasn’t playing with Him because I was working on something; hence, He felt a little sad. So I said to Him, “Let us first apply fragrance and camphor, so that You feel better. Then let us play”. I applied the fragrance hurriedly. He said to me, “Apply the fragrance properly. Only if Om is drawn with fragrance, the spiritual energy of Deity Uncle (Devmama – Sachchidananda Parabrahman [Dr] Athavale) is obtained. If you don’t do this, you won’t get it”.

9. Having an intense desire to meet Sanatan’s Saint H.H. Ramanand Gowda on His birthday; so He suddenly came home and they spoke

I told H.H. Bhargavram about H.H. Ramananda Gowda’s birthday and said, “We are going to pay obeisance mentally to Him from here”. He said to me, “Let’s visit Him. I want to talk to Ramananda Anna”. No matter how hard I tried to convince Him that day, He just would not listen to me.

I was unable to make Him understand, and finally I said to Him, “Let’s go later”. God must have realised H.H. Bhargavram’s yearning. In the evening H.H. Ramananda Anna came home and talked to H.H. Bhargavram for half-an-hour.

10. Similarity in the actions of Shrikrushna and H.H. Bhargavram

H.H. Bhargavram was talking about visiting Sanatan’s Ashram at Ramnathi, Goa. Then I had a thought about the spiritual experience Shrikrushna gave the Gopis and Radha while He was leaving Gokul for Mathura – the same experience Gurudev (Sachchidananda Parabrahman [Dr] Athavale) was giving us.

11. Unwavering faith and emotion of gratitude unto Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Athavale

One day H.H. Bhargavram was wearing a tight-fitting pyjama. He was in a hurry to go to the toilet and was finding it difficult to take the pyjama off. At the same time, He was also finding it difficult to control the urge to defecate. He called me for help. I helped Him remove His pyjama and underwear. His clothes or body had not been soiled. He immediately said, “Grandma, see the grace of Gurudev ! Had it not been for His grace, the toilet and my clothes would have been soiled”.

12. Gratitude

‘O’ Gurudev ! You are the one showing us Your Divine plays in a child-form through the medium of H.H. Bhargavram. Any amount of gratitude unto Your Holy feet for Your grace will not suffice.’

– Mrs Ashwini Prabhu (Grandmother of H.H. Bhargavram, who is at the spiritual level of 61%), Mangaluru, Karnataka. (10.11.2021)

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