Violence erupts again in Hooghly, Bengal

  • Rishra railway station closed after stone pelting
  • No trains allowed on the Howrah-Bardhaman route

Kolkata – The violence following the attack by the Jihadis on the Shriramnavami procession on 30th March is still going on. On the 3rd of April, stones were pelted outside Rishra railway station in Hooghly late at night. As a result, the Rishra train station was closed. After this incident, all the trains running on the Howrah-Bardhaman route were decommissioned. A heavy Police presence has been kept outside the railway station. A procession was taken out by the BJP on the occasion of Shriramnavami on the evening of 2nd April. It was attacked in Rishra, a Muslim-majority area. Vehicles were set on fire. BJP MLA Biman Ghosh and many Policemen were injured in this violence. He has been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

(Credit : News18 Rajasthan)  

Section 144 has been imposed in Hooghly and its surrounding areas. Along with this, the Calcutta High Court has sought a reply from the State Government by the 5th of April on the violence that took place in Howrah two days ago.

One person arrested from Bihar in connection with violence in Howrah

Police have arrested a person called Sumit Sav (19) from Munger in Bihar in connection with the violence in Howrah. It is said that a video of Sumit Sav, who participated in the Shriramnavami procession in Howrah, was seen shooting a gun in the air. (However, the truth of the matter is that as soon as a video of a Hindu youth pointing a gun in the air was aired, the Bengal Police reached Bihar to nab him. The Bengal Police are indirectly covering up for the religious fanatics in Bengal. – Editor) After Sav’s arrest, the ruling Trinamool Congress in Bengal criticised the BJP and accused it of instigating the violence. (The Trinamool Congress is trying to hide its sins by blaming BJP for the riots ! – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoints

  • The law and order system of Trinamool Congress in Bengal has gone for a toss !
  • It is now imperative for the Union Government to intervene and immediately impose President’s Rule in Bengal.