Khalistani radicals agitate at the entrance of the Indian High Commission at Brisbane (Australia)

Brisbane (Australia) – On the evening of 15th March, 20 to 25 agitating Khalistanis closed the gate of the Indian High Commission here in Brisbane. They were holding Khalistani Flags, Cloth Banners, Posters, and raising slogans. They blocked the entrance of the High Commission preventing people from entering the place. This resulted in the closedown of the High Commission for some time.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese had stated during a press conference in New Delhi on March 11th that his country will not tolerate extremist actions or attacks on religious buildings. He emphasised that such behaviour against Hindu temples has no place in Australia.

(Credit : Hindustan Times)

Editorial viewpoint

If such a thing happens despite the assurance by the Australian Prime Minister that Indians will be given protection in Australia, then it is necessary that the Indian Government pressurises Australia and compels them to protect the Indians living in Australia.