Uttar Pradesh youth converted to Islam under the influence of a Maulavi in Mumbai !

Representative imageMumbai – Udayraj Kori, a youth from Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh, came to Mumbai. After some time, he returned to Uttar Pradesh. It was then revealed that he had converted to Islam. His family learned that he had changed his name to Ahmed Hussain, which shocked them all. Regarding the matter, Ahmed said, ‘When I went to Mumbai, a Maulavi showed a video about Islam on the mobile phone. Seeing it, I voluntarily left Hinduism and embraced Islam’. (Please note the cunningness adopted by Maulvis to convert ! – Editor) The family has lodged a complaint with the Police regarding this conversion.

A youth from Kaushambi in Uttar Pradesh is detained and being investigated in this case. Mumbai Police is trying to arrest the concerned Maulavi. The Hindu mother of the converted youth is trying to educate and convince him. She hopes that the boy will convert to Hinduism again.

(Credit : Aaj Tak)

Family is suffering because of the youth’s practice of Islam !

When Ahmed was a Hindu, he used to touch the feet of the elders of the family and greet them with Namaskar. Now he says ‘Salam’ for greeting. At first, they thought he must be talking like this because he has been to Mumbai; however, later when it was learned that he had converted, the matter came to light. Ahmed also started offering namaz at home, due to which, his family is suffering.

Editorial viewpoint

It is due to a lack of education on Dharma, Hindus fall prey to the trap of cunning Maulvis !

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