It is the need of the hour to remain constantly alert

Mr Durgesh Jaywant Parulkar

Muslims are on a spree to close in on the country from all directions. ‘Sarr tan se juda’ (Decapitation), rioting, attacking Hindu places of worship, attacking the Police, converting Hindu temples into mosques, grabbing land, luring Hindu girls into ‘Love traps’ and killing or forcing them to commit suicide are some of their techniques. Such incidents are happening frequently now. It is absolutely necessary to save Hindu society, the Nation, Temples, land, girls and women from Muslims. This is why we should constantly remain alert. Owing to the current events, we are perpetually living under threat.

1. Why forgive someone who behaves inhumanly ?

First of all, we have to protect ourselves from these cunning and brutal people. At the same time, this barbaric attitude must be destroyed by fighting them. Secularism, equality of humans, leaving aside casteism, etc., are good. However, if someone behaves inhumanly and in a barbaric manner, raised with the values to deceive and ruin the lives of others in society, then he cannot be forgiven.

2. Why should Hindu girls risk their lives ?

Muslim youth take on Hindu names and trap Hindu girls. They later reveal their true identity and kill them. Cheating in this way is an offence under law. Why should we risk our lives for no reason ?

3. What to take care of to remain alert in life

In today’s age of digital technology and science, we can get conned even without leaving home. It is imperative not to establish friendly relations with any stranger. We must follow this rule. Never share any information about yourself, unless you are 100% sure of the person’s sincerity. We must take care of this. It is best not to associate with him ! Young girls should not hide anything from their parents. Parents should not give indiscriminate freedom to their children. Children should remain cautious and not act carelessly in the name of freedom, remaining aware of the possibility that someone can destroy their lives.

4. Loyalty to the country, culture and religious places must be inculcated in children

We must instill values in our children. They should get in the habit of reading biographies of heroes including Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj, Guru Gobind Singh, Banda Bairagi, etc. They should be able to combat whoever acts or speaks against our country, culture, religious places. For this, loyalty to the country, etc. must be developed in children. It is the need of the hour to develop them into strong and healthy individuals at all levels – physical, mental, intellectual and emotional.

5. National duty of temples, social and educational institutions

Temple management committees, social and educational institutions should consider it their national duty to educate and teach the youth about the Nation and to not fall prey to any temptation or attraction. These values must be inculcated in the children. As our duty, we all must perform it faithfully.

6. Everyone should be trained in self-defence

It is imperative that efforts be made at the Government level to officially train children in self-defence. There is no guarantee that the Police will be able to reach all places; hence, every student and citizen should be trained through self-defence camps.

7. Efforts need to be made to instill the fear of law in those who entrap women

If anyone conceals their identity to deceive women or to lure them into ‘Love traps’, the Indian law should provide for their immediate and strictest punishment. Society must ostracise those who defend criminals, anti-nationals and anti-social people.

The Uttar Pradesh State Government has implemented a law in this regard and taken a decision to shoot down people who lure girls into ‘Love traps’ and then kill them. This should be strictly followed by other State Governments across the country. The Law, Judiciary and the increasing awareness and immunity of society, should now instill fear in these barbarians.

8. Barbaric attitude should be crushed forever

Deceiving and killing innocent people are not laudable acts. Showing mercy to such cruelty and its perpetrators would be like walking around with burning coals in the pocket. The rulers should consider all these aspects and take strict decisions to forever curb this barbarism in order to protect the citizens, the future generations, especially the youth. We should see to it that no Hindu girl or woman falls prey to barbarity. This is why, it is essential to remain constantly alert.

– Mr Durgesh Jaywant Parulkar, Devout Hindu Lecturer and Author, Dombivli. (2.1.2022)

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