All problems on earth will end if cow-slaughter stops

Tapi (Gujarat) District sessions Court statement

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Tapi (Gujarat) – The Tapi District Sessions Court has observed that religion is born from cows and if cow slaughter is stopped, all problems on earth will end. The Court expressed this opinion while sentencing 22-year-old, Mohammad Amin Arif Anjum, who smuggled cows from Maharashtra to Gujarat, to life imprisonment. In July 2020, he was arrested while transporting 16 cows and beef in a truck from Maharashtra.

The Court stated,

1. Dharma (Righteousness) is born from the cow; because Dharma is in the form of Taurus, the son of a cow is called a Taurus. If cow ceases to exist, this universe will also cease to exist. All 6 parts of Vedas are created by cows. Therefore, cow slaughter is unacceptable.

2. At present, 75% of Godhan (cows) has been destroyed and only 25%  of Godhan remains. A time will come when people will forget to take pictures of cows. More than 70 years have passed since Independence. Cow slaughter has not stopped during this period but it has reached the extreme.

3. Irritation and anger is rising. Hence today’s problems have arisen. The only reason for this is cow slaughter. Unless cow slaughter is completely stopped, spiritually pure water and air will not be effective. The incidents of cow slaughter and smuggling of cows are shameful for a civilised society.

4. There was a lot of talk about cow protection and cow husbandry, but there is no actual action in that regard. Science has also proven that houses made of cow dung are unaffected by the UV rays emitted by atomic bombs. Gomutra (Cow urine) is also used to treat many ailments.

5. A cow is not just an animal, it is a mother. This is why she is called Gomata. No one is more grateful than a cow. A cow is a living planet with 68 crore holy places and 33 crore Deities.

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… That day all problems on the earth will end and the earth will be uplifted !

While talking about cow slaughter, the judge recited a Sanskrit verse. He also mentioned the other 2 verses. In these verses, it is said that where the cow is happy there is wealth. Where the cow is sad, the wealth exits that place. The cow is Rudra’s mother, Vasu’s daughter, Aditiputra’s sister and Dhrurupa is the treasure of Amrita. The day when a drop of cow’s blood stops falling on the earth, all the problems on the earth will end and the earth will be uplifted.

Editorial viewpoint

Hindus feel that the Government should take strict steps to stop cow-slaughter by enacting a law banning cow-slaughter across India !

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