Indira Gandhi-led Congress Government hid the real history from students : Dr SL Bhyrappa (Senior Litterateur and Philosopher)

Dr Bhyrappa was dropped from the NCERT committee for questioning about the distortion of history !

Dr S.L. Bhyrappa, Senior Literary

New Delhi – Dr Bhyrappa, a renowned litterateur, brought up some memories while working in the ‘National Council of Educational Research and Training’ (NCERT). He said, “During the Congress Government, Mughal invaders were glorified in the curriculum and students were deprived of real history”. Dr Bhyrappa added :

Dr Bhyrappa further said,

1. During the year 1969-70, the Central Government under Mrs. Indira Gandhi established a Committee under the Chairmanship of G Parthasarathy, a diplomat close to the Nehru-Gandhi family. Its task was to integrate the Nation through education.
2. At that time I was a Reader in Educational Philosophy at NCERT and was selected as one of the five members of the Committee. In the very first meeting, Parthasarathy asked us to ‘weed out’ (exclude real history) the history and social studies textbooks.
3. I asked him, what exactly should be excluded from the textbooks ? Parthasarathy replied, “Ghazni Mohammed looted the Somnath Temple, Aurangzeb built mosques by demolishing the temples in Kashi and Mathura – is it possible to build a strong India under the present circumstances by conveying such useless facts ? What purpose do they serve, other than generating hatred ?”

“But are they not historical truths ?”, I persisted. “Plenty of truths are there. Using these truths judiciously is the wise way to teach history”, he retorted.

Dr Bhyrappa insisted on presenting the true history; he was excluded from the Committee !

Describing the proceedings of the National Curriculum Revision Committee meeting, Dr Bhyrappa said, “I asked Parthasarathy what conclusion could be drawn from looking at Nandi (the Bull) staring at the mosque in Varanasi ? If the students ask their teacher a question on this in the future, what will the teacher answer ?” Parthasarathy had no answer to this. Parthasarathy took me to his chamber and said, “You are from Karnataka and I am from Tamil Nadu. We should behave like brothers. We should not fight”. I heard his words and came out.

In the next meeting after 15 days, I asked the same questions again. Parthasarathy did not speak to me again. The Committee had been re-structured, without me. In my place was a lecturer in history known for his leftist leanings. The revised text books of science and social studies published by NCERT and the new lessons that were introduced in these texts were written under his guidance. These are the books which were prescribed as texts in the Congress and Communist-ruled States or they guided the text-book writers in these States.

Real history was hidden by appointing Marxist historians

In the NCERT books for XI standard, the Ancient India part is written by the Marxist historian RS Sharma and the Medieval India part is by Satish Chandra, also a Marxist. When examined, one can observe how members belonging to this group had a scheme to brainwash the minds of growing children.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • By teaching distorted history of India through school curriculum, Congress has immensely harmed the young generations. To transmute this, the BJP Government, intellectuals and academicians of India need to put in a lot of effort !
  • Strict action must be taken against people who are responsible for distorting history. Only then, no one will dare to teach or narrate false history in the future !