Govt reports normalcy when coronavirus BF.7 is wreaking havoc everywhere in China !

New York – Washington University of Seattle, USA has stated that the transition of the infectious virus in China is quite dangerous. The University has predicted the deaths of about 5 lakh people in China by April 2023 while about 16 lakh people will be the victims of this virus by the end of 2023. Along with it, epidemiologists have also stated that China is going through a grave situation. BF.7, the variant of Omicron though spreading very fast, the scheming communist Government of China has claimed that everything has been normal in the country.

1. As per the news published by ‘Global Times’, the mouthpiece of China, people cured of Coronavirus can resume their duty without undergoing any tests. Permission has also been granted to hotels and theatres to open.

2. The Chinese Government reported the death of 7 persons in Beijing on the 19th of December 2022 due to Coronavirus, while no death was reported on the 20th of December 2022. The international media is, however, reporting a very large number of deaths, giving proof.

3. Many crematoria are working 24 hours and at many places, people have to wait for 5-6 days for disposal of the bodies as per the information given by the local citizens, but Chinese media is keeping mum on the same.

4. In fact, the World Health Organisation (WHO) known as China’s friend has also expressed concern over the surge in Corona cases in the country. It has advised China to speed up vaccination; still, China doesn’t want to bring the true situation before the world, as per the Wall Street Journal of the USA.

Editorial viewpoint

China is not trustworthy since it never gives true information to the world about its internal matters. India should always be careful with such a country !

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