Nadav Lapid And The International links of Hindu-hatred

The leftist film producer of Israel, Nadav Lapid, termed the film The Kashmir Files ‘vulgar and propaganda’. This highly venomous and objectionable opinion was criticised throughout India.


It is human nature to draw inferences and obtain complete information on an object or incident so as to have an opinion about it. However, there are various salient aspects to incidents that we are completely unaware of. This has been proven again during the recently concluded International Film Festival (IFFI) when the film ‘The Kashmir Files’ was criticised.

Nobody in this ‘secular’ India uttered a word

Many of you must not have heard of the word ‘Jihad’. What is meant by ‘declaring Jihad’ and inciting action accordingly ? If you wish to learn about its exact meaning, you will have to learn about the atrocities committed by Muslim terrorists on Hindus in Kashmir during the 1990s. These terrorists murdered countless Hindus, raped thousands of Hindu women. Many Hindu families were made to flee the Kashmir Valley. The terrorists snatched their houses, properties and land. Despite all this, nobody in this ‘secular’ India uttered a word, forget condemning the heinous acts. The then Union Government and the State Government turned a blind eye to these atrocities. The so-called Human Rights organisations, Communists, Congressmen, progressives, intellectuals, etc. remained silent as if their mouths had been sealed. Consequently, four and half lakh Hindus became refugees in their own country, and even now they have no support. This is the fact. This is what Jihad is. These atrocities were exposed partially after 32 long years by the film ‘The Kashmir Files’ produced by Mr Vivek Agnihotri.

Upon seeing the film, many Hindus realised what inhuman brutalities their Hindu brethren have gone through

This film was different from the so-called entertaining films being churned out by Hollywood, Bollywood, etc. It was a film that expressed the emotions of millions of Hindus. Hence, it was seen by millions of Hindus. Upon seeing the film, many Hindus realised what inhuman brutalities their Hindu brethren have gone through. Under these circumstances, how dare Nadav Lapid describe the film as propaganda and vulgar ? What right does he have to interfere in the internal matters of India ? We have to ask him these questions. Lapid was the Jury Chairperson of the 53rd International Film Festival of India (IFFI); he is also a film producer of Israel. If the Jury Chairperson feels that the atrocities on Hindus are propaganda and vulgar, the question would be – was he in his senses while passing comments on this film ?

It is not that Lapid’s reaction to ‘The Kashmir Files’ is impulsive. If we observe minutely, the international roots of this Hindu-hatred will be easily exposed. The startling fact is that Lapid has used the same language for criticising ‘The Kashmir Files’ that had been earlier used in India by the so-called progressives, rationalists, communists, etc. Hence, Lapid’s opposition to ‘The Kashmir Files’ just cannot be a mere coincidence. It is for this very reason that at the beginning of this Editorial we have said that there are various salient aspects to incidents we are completely unaware of. Such people do not find many actually gruesome and dirty films vulgar, but, think that ‘The Kashmir Files’ is. This says it all !

Anti-Hindu propaganda from a Government platform

Sadly, the platform used by Lapid to criticise Hindus was that of the International Film Festival of India – a Government platform. Yet, no action was taken at the Government level after the anti-Hindu comments. Conversely, the Israeli Ambassador to India, Mr Naor Gilon, immediately condemned Lapid’s statements and even apologised. Any Tom, Dick and Harry can come to India, hurt Hindu feelings and leave India; and not a single Indian utters a word – so lifeless have the Hindu emotions become !

There is one more aspect which has to be investigated at the Government level – why and who selected Lapid – a known Hindu-hater as the Jury Chairperson of IFFI ? The name of that individual must be made public. Knowing the grounds on which Lapid was selected is also important. Can such people ever impartially evaluate films ? After his anti-India comments, Lapid added, “I can express myself freely on this platform”. In short, a Jew comes to the Hindu-majority country India, criticises Hindus freely and leaves the country safely. Yet, the so-called progressives, foreign Human Rights Organisations call Hindus as ‘Talibanis’. Will Lapid ever dare to utter words against Islam in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or any other Islamic country ? If he does dare to, in all probability, he would never return home.

Nadav Lapid’s Hindu-hatred – a propaganda by itself

In reality, ‘The Kashmir Files’ is based on factual events. When this is the case, does opposing such a film not amount to distorting history ? We have to realise that there are many people who have attitudes like that of Nadav Lapid’s, who oppose ‘The Kashmir Files’ and thus distort history. Since Nadav Lapid has provoked Hindus, the so-called Progressives, Communists, Congressmen, religious fanatics, rationalists, etc. are jumping with joy. People’s representatives such as Mr Awhad are openly supporting Nadav Lapid. It shows what the real ‘propaganda’ is – Nadav Lapid’s ‘Hindu-hatred’ and not the ‘The Kashmir Files’.

Nadav Lapid’s reaction is not impulsive. If we observe minutely, the international roots of Hindu-hatred will be exposed !

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