While Hijab is being opposed in Islamic countries, where are the Hijab supporters in India ?

“Some months ago, the issue of Muslim girls entering schools and colleges wearing Hijab in Karnataka reached the Supreme Court. Why are the feelings of women in Iran and other Islamic countries, who are currently opposing Hijab, not being considered ? Looking at the events in India and the world, there appears a selective outcry”, noted Advocate Rachna Naidu (from Durg, Chhattisgarh) speaking in the Special Online Discussion organised by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti on the topic – ‘Worldwide opposition to Hijab, but agitations for it in India !’

Ms Tanya (Editor of ‘Sangam Talks’) said, “Making Hijab compulsory is on the political agenda of Islamic countries. Some months ago, Muslim girls protested against the order not to wear Hijab in schools in some States of our country. Videos of the incident were released in a planned manner. The girls of this school easily got a lawyer and reached the Supreme Court for the demand that they be allowed to wear Hijab in the school. They also got the support of Muslim organisations. The issue of Hijab was created to destabilise our country”.

Mrs Kshipra Juvekar

Mrs Kshipra Juvekar (of Sanatan Sanstha) said, “The Persian Nation of the Parsis has become Iran. Muslim women in Iran have strongly opposed the compulsion for Hijab. Some so-called liberals are supporting the Hijab conspiracy. What can achieved if women power unites – this is being realised from the protests against Hijab all over the world. Islamic countries have oppressive laws for Muslim women. Hindu Dharma considers women to be Goddesses. Women will surely remain safe under the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ that will be based on Hindu Dharma”.

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