Durga puja Idol immersion procession attacked near a mosque in Sultanpur (UP) !

  • Stone-pelting and even grenades used for attack !
  • Ten people injured along with policemen !

Sultanpur (Uttar Pradesh) – Hindu devotees had taken out a procession for the immersion of the Devi Idol on the 10th of October 2022. As the procession was passing by a mosque, some Muslims objected to the use of a DJ during the procession and started arguing; followed by the pelting of stones. It is alleged that even grenades were used for the attack. Ten people were injured in this attack along with Policemen.

It is reported that Devi’s Idol was also vandalised in the attack. An additional Police force was called to bring the situation under control. The Superintendent of Police of Sultanpur informed that the attackers have been identified, and severe action would be taken against them. Videos and photos of the incident have become viral on social media.

Hindu family attacked in Gonda based on a post on social media !

Editorial viewpoint

Why does the group of secularists, always giving sermons to Hindus on freedom of expression, keep quiet about such attacks ? Or does talking against Hindus and turning a blind eye towards atrocities committed by non-Hindus only mean secularism to these people ?

In another incident that occurred on the 10th of October 2022 at Gonda in Uttar Pradesh, the house of a Hindu family in Khargupur area was attacked by some fanatic Muslims to protest against one post on social media. The matter was posted by a Hindu youth named Rikki and his house has been attacked. Rikki has been arrested.

Houses of many Hindus were attacked by pelting stones, resulting in the smashing of the glasses. Police vehicles were also attacked. Action is being taken against fanatic Muslims pelting stones. Cases have been registered against Rikki and 12 fanatic Muslims have been taken into custody so far in this context.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Such incidents are not expected in the governance of Yogi Adityanath. The concerned fanatic Muslims are expected to be severely punished !
  • Use of grenades shows that the attack was pre-planned. Hindus need to note that their only solution for self-protection is their unity !