Adipurush movie producers may be taken to Court if objectionable scenes are not removed 

  • BJP Home Minister from Madhya Pradesh, Narottam Mishra warned
  • BJP and Hindu Mahasabha also raised objections
(Left side) Home Minister Narottam Mishra

Bhopal (MP) – The Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra has threatened legal action against the film Adipurush if the objectionable scenes are not removed. In this regard, Mishra said, “I am writing a letter to Om Raut to ask him to delete the objectionable scenes.” The teaser for the movie Adipurush has been released. Social media users are strongly criticising Ravan’s costume since it looks like a Mughal ruler’s. As a result, Mishra has issued a warning.

1. Narottam Mishra said he had seen the teaser of the film. There are objectionable scenes in the film. Our places of worship are portrayed incorrectly. It is shown that the attire of the deity Hanuman is made of leather. Deity Hanuman’s attire is described as different in the devotional hymn Hanuman Chalisa. We feel a blow to our religious sentiment and faith when such changes are depicted.

2. Chakrapani Maharaj, President of the Hindu Mahasabha, said changes in the character of our religious Deity will not be accepted.

3. Also, Malavika Avinash, a spokesperson for the BJP, has criticised Adipurush for depicting Ramayan incorrectly. In the movie, Ravan is portrayed incorrectly.