PFI receives billions of rupees from the Gulf countries and Turkey !

New Delhi – Important information has been revealed from the raids conducted on the ‘Popular Front of India’ (PFI) across the country. It has been reported that this organisation receives financial support from Gulf countries and Turkey.

1. PFI is associated with India Fraternity Forum. This organisation is active in the Gulf countries. PFI receives funds from this forum.

2. The PFI in Kerala is also financed by the organisation ‘Muslim Relief Network’. This organisation receives donations from Islamic countries all over the world.

3. Many Muslim organisations in the country and Muslim sympathisers donate to the PFI-related ‘Rehab India Foundation’. Money is also sent to PFI through Hawala network. Hawala is a specific system used by Arab and South Asian countries to transfer money.

4. ₹66.62 crore are being sent to PFI every month from United Arab Emirates.

Indian Muslims working in Gulf countries also donate money to PFI !

Muslim workers working in Gulf countries also pay money to PFI every month, the enquiry has revealed. Workers are sent to Gulf countries from States like Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, etc. PFI has tie-ups with the establishments that send these workers. According to an official, more than 30,000 Muslims in the Gulf countries are PFI sympathisers. Every month they pay 100 dirhams (₹2,200) to PFI.

PFI also receives money through the sale of books, magazines, DVDs etc. Some NGOs in Kerala receive money for PFI from Gulf countries. NGOs from the Gulf countries as well as Turkey, also provide financing to PFI. Such NGOs are active in 100 countries.

Editorial Viewpoint

This funding to PFI would have been taking place for many years; then how did this information was not sought earlier ? And if the information was received, why was it not acted upon at that time ?

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