A Mazhar that obstructed the widening of the Highway bulldozed in Uttar Pradesh

Two months ago, the Muslims opposed it when an attempt to demolish this Mazhar

Kanpur (UP) – The Mazhar which was obstructing the widening of the Highway between Aligarh and Kanpur was demolished using a bulldozer. Before the demolition of the Mazhar, the concerned villagers were informed about it. Two months ago when demolition was attempted the local Muslim villagers opposed it and stopped the administration from demolishing it. The work was kept on hold from that time.

Road widening the Aligarh Kanpur Road into a four-lane Highway was progressing at a fast pace and the goal of completion of the same is October 2023. The Mazhar was a hindrance in the construction work between Chaubepur, and Shivrajpur villages so needed to be demolished. Bilhaur SDM Alka Lamba and Police Deputy Commisoner Vijeyandra Diwedi were present on the site on 14th September during the proceedings.

Editorial viewpoint

If this had been a Hindu temple and those opposing its demolition naturally would have been Hindus, there would have been a nationwide uproar about anti-development attitude of the Hindus by the secularists and liberal intellectuals. It won’t be surprising if this same gang labels Yogi Adityanath anti-Muslim !