A Hindu youth dies jumping in Well out of fear of the Police in Sindh, Pakistan !

Police register this as a suicide case !

Hyderabad (Pakistan) – A Hindu youth Alam Kohli jumped into a Well out of fear of the Policeman Qadir in Pakistan. He drowned and lost his host life. The family of Alam has demanded action to be taken against Qadir. Police have registered the death of Alam as a suicide. Actually, it has been seen in 2 CCTV footage that Qadir was chasing Alam. This incident took place on 8th September in the Tando Mohammed Khan area in Sindh.

(Credit : Hindustan Times)

The family of Alam Kohli is saying that on the day of this incident, a fight had taken place between Alam and Qadir in a hospital. The fight turned into the use of abusing language. After that Qadir ran behind Alam to kill him. To defend himself, Alam jumped into a nearby Well. Alam could not swim and hence lost his life. To protest against this incident, the family of Alam blocked the Hyderabad Sujwal road and demanded to charge Qadir for his crime.

Editorial viewpoint

The Pakistani political parties, Police, administration and the Muslim public are against Hindus. It has to be realised that there is no one to help Hindus there and hence they are constantly attacked ! Also note that to stop this, India has to be declared a Hindu nation !

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