Yati Narasinghananda to hold ‘Dharma-Sansad’ in December

Mahant Yati Narasinghananda Saraswati

Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh) – Mahant Yati Narasinghananda Saraswati of Shiv-Shakti Dham, Dasna has organised ‘Dharma-Sansad’ in the city on the 17th and 18th of December 2022. This will be attended by many Saints and Seers. He had made so-called objectionable statements in the ‘Dharma-Sansad’ organised by this year at Haridwar, leading to registering a case against him. In this connection, Jitendra Tyagi (formerly known as Waseem Rizvi) was arrested.

Mahant Yati Narasinghananda said that Dasna was a region where Hindus were in majority earlier, but the Hindu traders migrated to other parts for their business and now there is 95% Muslim population in the area. They have multiplied their population quite fast.

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