Will the Police, busy fighting among themselves, be able to maintain law and order in society ?

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New Delhi – There was an argument between a sub-inspector (SI) and the station house officer (SHO) of Govindpuri Police station in southeast Delhi.  The argument led to a scuffle between SI Mahesh Chand and SHO Jagadish. Both have been injured in this scuffle and were treated at AIIMS. SI Mahesh Chand has been suspended from service after this incident.

As per the information given by sources, SI Mahesh Chand wanted the signature of the SHO on the ‘status report’ to be submitted to High Court, but the SHO found some discrepancies in the status report, and he started correcting them, which angered Mahesh Chand. Mahesh Chand said that the status report was already checked by the standing committee and the SHO was unnecessarily wasting time. This led to an argument and, later, to a scuffle between them. Other staff intervened when they saw that the fight between the two had come to blows. SHO’s hand was injured and Mahesh Chand was injured too in the scuffle.