A woman and her daughter working as Govt teachers concealing their Pakistani citizenship dismissed

Action may also be taken against some officers and employees

Rampur (UP) – The woman getting a job as a Government teacher by concealing herself to be a Pakistani national has been dismissed; whereas her daughter is suspended. The action also might be taken against the officials and employees involved in this matter. The daughter was working in Bareilly and the mother was in Rampur.

According to officials, posted in the Basic Education Department, Farzana alias Mahira Akhter of Mohalla Atishbajan in Rampur married Sibgat Ali, a resident of Pakistan, in June 1979. Mahira went to Pakistan after marriage. She also got Pakistani citizenship. After about two years, the two got divorced. After that Mahira got an Indian visa on a Pakistani passport and moved to Rampur with her two daughters Shumayla Khan alias Furkana and Alima. The job started from here.

(Credit : TIMES NOW Navbharat)

Mahira’s visa had expired in 1983, yet she did not go back to Pakistan. Hence a case was registered against her then. She was given the punishment of remaining present in the court for 1 day. Thereafter she secured a job as a teacher in the Primary Education Department. She was suspended after having known her to be a Pakistani national. But soon after she was taken back and everything was normal. When the information was received that, her daughter was a teacher in the Government school in Bareilly, the inquiry began again and Farzana was dismissed and her daughter suspended.

Editorial viewpoint

Indians feel that such persons must be put into jail for life time; BJP Government in UP should strive for that.

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