Two unauthorised towers demolished in 9 seconds at Noida (UP)

Noida (Uttar Pradesh) – Two illegal towers with more than 40 storeys built by Supertech in Sector 93 were demolished. It took only 9 seconds to demolish these two towers  which were more than 100-metre-tall. 3,700 explosives were used for the demolition of these buildings, and before that, about 7,000 residents in the area were shifted to safe places; therefore, no loss was reported after the demolition. More than 400 staff of Noida Police were deployed at the site. An ambulance was also provided for any kind of emergency. Special machines have been kept to watch the level of pollution. Nearly Rs 17.55 crore were spent on this demolition process, which will be recovered from Supertech. The debris of demolished buildings will fetch about Rs 4 crore.

1. In 2004, Noida allotted a plot of land to Supertech for constructing a housing society. The plan of the building was approved in the year 2005 granting permission for constructing 14 buildings of ten storeys each. The plan was modified in 2006, to accommodate 15 buildings of 11 storeys. In November 2009, the plan was again modified to build two buildings of 24 storeys. The number of storeys was, however, increased from 24 to 40 in March 2012. During this period, 633 flats were booked.

2. In 2012, the neighbouring Emerald Gold Society’s Resident Welfare Association’s President Udaybhan Singh Tetiya filed a case against these two towers with Allahabad High Court. The High Court passed a verdict against the buildings in 2014 as illegal, giving directions for their demolition. The Court also ordered to refund the people the money they paid for the flats so far, along with 14% interest.

3. Supertech, however, challenged the decision in Supreme Court, but Supreme Court also sealed the High Court’s judgment and through its order dated 31st August 2021 asked for razing down of the buildings in three months i.e., November 2021. Noida stated in the Court that the work would be carried on till May 22, 2022. Finally, the 28th of August 2022 was decided to be the day for the demolition of these buildings.

(Credit : NDTV)

How the buildings were demolished ?

The contract for demolition was assigned to Edifice Engineering, an Indian company and its African partner Jet Demolition. As per Utkarsh Maheshwari, the Director of Edifice, one building had 29 storeys while the other had 32 storeys. 9,800 holes were made in the two buildings; about 1,400 gms of gunpowder was poured through every hole. 3,700 kgs of gunpowder was used, including 325 kgs of superpower gel, 63,300 metres of the solar card, soft tubes, gelatine rods, 10,900 detonators, and 6 IED (a kind of explosive) and then, they were exploded.

Editorial viewpoint

Corrupt Government officers and rulers help in the construction of unauthorised buildings, and people have to give legal fights against them, only then such action is taken ! Hindu Rashtra of honest officers and rulers is the only solution to such issues !