Increase in the number of US citizens migrating to European countries

The main reasons for Migration are inflation and crime

Washington (USA) – Currently, many US citizens are settling in European countries like Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece, and France. Americans are now 45 percent more in these countries. The main reason for this migration is the strong dollar position. Due to the increasing value of the dollar, American citizens are preferring to settle in other countries and live a comfortable life with less money.

1. During the pandemic, 40 million individuals left their jobs. Due to the expensive medical care at the time, individuals also avoided going to the hospital. They ignored the routine medical checkups. So now they are turning to European countries to live a better life.

2. According to a survey, “gun culture” is the biggest problem after inflation among Americans. Mass shootings in the United States continue to happen. On the contrary, the crime rate in European countries is low. There are many social benefit schemes in European countries and houses are available at a lower cost.

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