Illegal shrines built in Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand

Dehradun (Uttarakhand) – It is being found that Muslims have built illegal Mazars in Jim Corbett National Park here. OpIndia Website has published this News.

1. While touring the National Park, the journalist of this Website came across illegal Mazars. Many of them were built in the area prohibited for tourists since they were wild animal-prone areas. Even the ‘Guide’ did not seem to know information about them. No one was present at the Mazars. Questions have arisen if tourists are forbidden to visit that area then how and who built them there ? How did they carry the building material to that spot ?

2. Before the National Park in the jungle in Ramnagar, a big Mazar was seen; but no one was there. On the wall chart there was written, ‘Bhureshahsheralijulfcardadamiyanka Urs/Urus’.

3. Question is, despite outposts of Forest in the area how and who must have built the Mazars ? Some parts among them were said to be tiger – reserves. Mazar was found there also.

4. The guide called Ramesh said that the vehicles used for taking tourists around were belonging to Muslims. The Muslim population in Nainital District has reached 12.65%.

Editorial viewpoint

A question like, ‘What were the Administration and forest officers doing till such Mazars were built ? Will some action be taken against the culprits ?’ arise. Hindus feel that the BJP Government should make inquiries about this.

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