Mahant Bajrang Muni receives ‘sar tan se juda’ threat on his mobile phone

Sitapur, UP’s Incident

(Sar tan se juda means beheading)

Luknow (UP) – Mahant Bajrang Muni of the Badi Sangat sect in Sitapur, UP received a ‘sar tan se juda’ threat on his mobile phone. According to the information provided by Mahant, it was a WhatsApp call on 3rd August. The caller was Maulana Mushtaq Khan. The Police have registered a case and are searching for the accused.

In the Police complaint given by Mahant Bajrang Muni, he said :

1. I have been raising my voice against incidents of attacks on Hindus by Muslims in the local area.

2. Due to it, some Muslims attacked me with weapons a year back. I am still undergoing treatment and cannot even walk.

3. A few months ago, Mohammad Zubair of Alt News criticised and defamed me everywhere. He called me a hate monger.

4. Ever since the ‘sar tan se juda’ incidents started in the country, my life has also been threatened.

5. Mahant said that the DP on the WhatsApp caller had a display photo of Mecca-Madina.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Not only Hindu leaders and their supporters but even Hindu Saints and Sages are on target. Before anything untowardly happens to Hindu Saints, Hindus unite and establish Hindu Rashtra.
  • Hindus were murdered in Udaipur, Amravati, Bellare, Bhopal, etc. After how many more Hindus killing, will the Government wake up ?