One tonne of explosives confiscated from a religious fanatics’ house in Pilibhit

  • Involved in illegal firecracker manufacturing
  • His three daughters were killed in an explosion last month in the house

Pilibhit (UP) – One tonne of explosives was confiscated from Azim’s house in Khaprail. The Police arrested Azim and his son, Taslim. Last month on 2nd July, an in-house explosion caused the death of Azim’s three daughters while offering namaz. That explosion also demolished his two-storeyed house and caused damage to 11 more homes in the neighbourhood. The explosives were confiscated from his other residence.

According to the Police, Azim was involved in illegal firecracker manufacturing. It is illegal to do such a business in a residential area.

Editorial viewpoint

 The minority is the majority in crime.