Two Muslims wearing saffron turbans attacked a ‘mazar’ in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh

Clearly a conspiracy to cause a riot in the district during the Kavad Pilgrimage festival

Bijnor (Uttar Pradesh) – The locals prevented a riot attempt by the religious fanatics, dressed as Hindus, damaged 3 mazar (graves where Muslims go to pray) in Sherkot Police station area. In this case, the Police have arrested two brothers, Mohammad Adil and Mohammad Kamal.

  1. Mohammad Adil and Mohammad Kamal damaged and broke the grave and burnt the chadar spread on the grave as well as the curtains around it.
  2. The locals reported this to the Police while this attack was happening and the Police inspector and district officer reached the site and caught both of them.
  3. The police are questioning both the brothers and have increased the Police security in the area. The Police are inquiring to find the exact reason for this incident. A fear is being expressed that if these brothers had not been caught there would have been riots against the Hindus.
  4. The Chief Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Prashant Kumar reporting on the incident said that the Sherkot Police have prevented a major incident in the area. On the 24thof July around 5 p.m, the Police got the information that 2 people ransacking Jalal Shah Mazar & burning several ‘chadar’. Police reached the spot & were taking strict measures they got to know that a similar incident happened at Bhure Shah Mazar. The Police rushed there and took action. The accused Adil and Kamal had tied saffron turbans to their head like the Hindus do. By creating this incident, they were trying to disturb the atmosphere in the district, during the festival of Kavad Yatra
Editorial viewpoint

This incident is dangerous for the Hindus ! It is an attempt to show the Hindus as attackers and provoke the Muslims to become violent and start a riot. Will Hindus be able to protect themselves if such incidents are successful in the future ? Take note that there is no alternative for the Hindus other than taking training in Self-Defense !