Babu Khan from Baghpat participates in the Kawad Yatra for the last 5 years despite the opposition of Muslims !

He also cleans the Shiva temple every day !

Babu Khan

Baghpat (UP) – Babu Khan from Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, has been participating Kawad Yatra for the last 5 years. When he first participated in the Kawad Yatra in 2018, he was kicked out of the mosque by local Muslims, but still, he is participating in Kawad Yatra for the last 5 years.

Babu Khan said, ‘When I first went to get the Kawad, there was a lot of fighting in the house. I managed to explain the family somehow. At that time, after coming from the pilgrimage, I performed Jalabhishek in the Mahadev temple. The next day, when I went to pray in the mosque, I was boycotted and thrown out. For this, I fought a legal battle and many who boycotted me were sent to jail. Now I follow the routine of offering namaz in the village Mosque at 5 a.m and then cleaning the Shiva temple. I have not renounced Islam, but I have faith in Kawad Yatra. So I go to Haridwar every year’.

Editorial Viewpoint

  • Why don’t the so-called secularists and liberals preach secularism to those Muslims who oppose participation in the Kawad Yatra ? Or do they think it is only for tolerant Hindus ?
  • Hindus participate in Muslim festivals for Iftar, but the fact is that Muslims never participate in Hindu festivals with minor exceptions, rather they attack the religious processions of Hindus !

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