Muslim youth spat at the Kawad of pilgrims

  • The pilgrims beat up a religious fanatic
  • Pilgrims protest by blocking the roads

Meerut (UP) – At National highway 58 (NH58) of Kankarkheda, two Muslim youth spat at the Kawad of pilgrims who were resting. The youth tried to escape on a bike when the pilgrims caught one of them, while the other one escaped. The caught religious fanatic was beaten up by the pilgrims and handed over to the Police. The pilgrims blocked the road to protest against this incident. A large Police force was deployed at the site. The district head and Superintendent of Police pacified the pilgrims. They also assured that four pilgrims will be taken back to Haridwar to fill Holy Gangajal again.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Why are Muslims, Islamic countries, so-called seculars, and their organisations quiet now ? Or do they think only Muslims have religious sentiments and Hindus don’t ?
  • India does not have strong laws against blasphemy, hence accused are not punished appropriately. Hindus believe that at least now the Government would look at this issue seriously.

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