Muslim extremists provoke for the genocide of Hindus in Bangladesh

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Dhaka (Bangladesh) – In the Thakurgaon district of Bangladesh, Islamic extremists have provoked Muslims to initiate genocide of the Hindus. The extremists have threatened to perform such an act citing the reason that a Hindu boy named Nirmal has insulted Islam. According to the Twitter handle called ‘The Voice of Bangladeshi Hindus’, the local Hindus are terrorised.

The video from the tweet shows Muslim men quoting Quran: “If anyone insults Md. Paigambar, the person will be killed. If the Government does not take any action, we will kill all the Hindus!”

Editorial viewpoint

The Indian Government should ask for an explanation from the Sheikh Hasina Government before this becomes a reality. If the Government remains inactive, then it wouldn’t be a surprise if the Government is held responsible for the genocide of Hindus in Bangladesh.

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