SIT for Gujarat riots of 2002 is a conspiracy against PM Modi : Home Minister Amit Shah

(Left side) PM Narendra Modi and (right side) Union Home Minister Amit Shah

New Delhi – Union Home Minister Amit Shah broke his silence and spoke on the 2002 Godhra massacre. He said that the opposition parties and the media alleged the BJP in connection with the riots in Gujarat that erupted after the Godhra massacre. The whole conspiracy was politically motivated to tarnish the image of PM Narendra Modi, but finally, the truth is out. It is inappropriate to use riots politically. Shah also questioned the silence of the Congress party on the Karsevaks who were burnt alive at Godhra.

Shah further said :

1. A 16-day-old infant was burnt in Godhra. I buried her myself.

2. I attended the funeral of all 59 Karsevaks.

3. After the Godhra arson, riots broke out in Gujarat. The officers who worked at the time did a good job.

4. We fought many wars like GST, and surgical strikes and defeated PM’s conspirators.

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