American Women Bereft of their right to Abortion

The verdict of the US Supreme Court

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Washington (USA) – The US Supreme Court abolished its own, 50-year-old decision giving the Constitutional right to abortion. In 1973 the Supreme Court in a case of abortion said, ‘To have an abortion or not, is the women’s right to decide.’ The decision given now by the Supreme Court cancels the right to abortion for women. Because of this decision, the States can ban the process of abortion.  It is being said that now, 26 of the 50 States may bring in new restrictions for abortion or may ban it, and 13 of the 26 states have brought restrictions on abortion already. As the draft of the Supreme Court order that the abortion law will be cancelled was in the public domain, it caused turmoil in the American public. Women demonstrated in various places against the possible cancellation of the law.

1. The case of ‘Dobbs against Jackson Women’s Health Organisation’ was being heard. In it, the Mississippi Government appealed for a ban on the abortion decision taken by the women after 15 weeks of pregnancy. The court took the decision on the side of the Mississippi State and took away the Constitutional right of abortion from the women.

2. The figures given by the ‘Planned Parenthood’ organisation states, that presently the Supreme Court’s decision has deprived 3.5 crores, women, of the childbearing age, of the right to abortion. More than 90% of abortions happen in the first 13 weeks of pregnancy, and more than half of the abortions are done by taking pills.

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