Let there be bloodshed in the country but ‘Agnipath’ scheme will not be allowed to be implemented

Congress MLA Irfan Ansari’s threat

Congress MLA Irfan Ansari

Jamtara (Jharkhand) – The Nation is on fire. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not been able to provide employment to youth till now. Our aircraft, factories, everything is being sold. Today they are selling the Nation’s Army. Hence, there is unrest in the country at present. We will not allow implementing the ‘Agnipath’ scheme at any cost, threatened the Congress MLA Irfan Ansari. He had planned the agitation against this scheme on 18th June and he was addressing the gathering there. They burnt PM’s effigy at that time.

Ansari had supported the violence against Nupur Sharma that took place after the namaz in Ranchi on 10th June. Two Muslims were killed in the Police firing and there was a demand to declare these 2 Muslims martyrs. There was also a demand for the investigation of the Police firing. (It is the need of the hour to pass an act cancel ling MLA’s position of those supporting rioters. – Editor)

Editorial viewpoint

Those who threaten the scheme related to the Army in this way should be booked with offence of treason and put behind bars for life.

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