Nupur Sharma only gave a counter reply to the derogatory statements made by a Muslim person participating in the debate !

Pakistan’s Maulana Engineer Muhammad Ali supports Nupur Sharma !

(Left side) Maulana Engineer Muhammad Ali and Nupur Sharma 

Islamabad (Pakistan) –  Nupur Sharma is being opposed in India as well as in gulf countries for her so-called insulting statement against Prophet Mohammad during a debate held on (Times Now) news channel. In this background, Maulana Engineer Muhammad Ali from Pakistan has come forward in support of Nupur Sharma and demanded action against Taslim Ahmed Rehmani who had provoked Nupur Sharma in that programme to make such a statement. Muhammad Ali said that Nupur Sharma only gave a reply to the objectionable statement made by Rehmani against Hindu Deities.

 First accused is the one who provoked Nupur Sharma !

Maulana Engineer Muhammad Ali has stated that the first accused was the one who made a statement about other religions on the news channel. The whole controversy was required to be checked with this background. It seemed from the statement made by Nupur Sharma that she was only giving a reply. Nupur Sharma said that if the other person made such a statement, it would be replied with similar language.

Making a mockery of any religion is improper as per Quran !    

Maulana Engineer Muhammad Ali said that under the Quran, it was improper to ridicule any religion. One has to take care about the use of language while arguing with people of other religions. People from gulf countries are spoiling the atmosphere on the issue of Nupur Sharma, sitting in their air-conditioned rooms.

USA incited gulf countries against India !

Maulana Engineer Muhammad Ali claimed that it was an international conspiracy. Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that India was getting benefits from both USA and Russia. Now, India and Imran Khan must have realised that the USA can force anyone to bend on their side. Gulf countries are slaves of the USA and don’t get along with Russia. The USA incited these countries on the issue of Nupur Sharma. Earlier, in many similar incidents, these gulf countries didn’t react in any way. Now, the USA has incited these countries to pressurise India against Russia.

Editorial viewpoint

Now Hindus should demand legal action against Taslim Ahmed Rehmani for making objectionable remarks against Hindu Dharma during the debate !

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