Nupur Sharma case : Two Muslim rioters killed in violence in Ranchi (Jharkhand)

Ranchi (Jharkhand) – After Friday namaz on 10th June, Muslims resorted to violence to demand the arrest of Nupur Sharma. Two people were killed, eight Muslim rioters and four Policemen were injured in the violence. It also includes an IPS officer. The deceased were identified as Mohammad Kaifi, 22 and Mohammad Sahil, 24 years old. Police fired into the air and used tear gas cannons to control the violence. (Does the riot ever stop by firing in the air ? – Editor) A curfew has been imposed and internet service suspended.

SP Surendra Kumar Jha said that stones were first hurled from the mosque and its surroundings after Friday prayers. Later, firing also took place. We faced difficulties in gaining control over them.

Demolition of Hanuman Temple

Muslims vandalised the Hanuman Temple. The shopkeepers said the Muslims damaged the Temple’s door and the flag. The shop selling prasad was vandalised. After the Hindu activists and the Police arrived, the Muslims left.

Editorial Viewpoint

It is the result of the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha Government of Jharkhand not taking immediate action against such rioters. Will such rulers ever maintain law and order ? It should not be wrong for anyone to say that the same punishment should be meted out to the people who elected them.

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