Stone pelting during a communal clash over a minor collision in Agra, UP

Agra (UP)- After communal violence in Kanpur on 5th June, a communal clash raised tensions in Agra. A motorcycle hit a person in the Basai Khurd area of Tajganj where road construction was underway and piles of tiles were lying on the road. Due to this, a quarrel ensued between the two people and soon turned into a communal flare-up. People from both the communities, Hindus and Muslims started pelting stones at each other.

Due to the construction work on the road, Sadiq on his motorbike had a minor collision with Radheshyam. This led to an altercation between the two. Soon Sadiq’s family reached the spot and started the assault. Both the communities started pelting stones at each other. Police intervened and took control of the situation.

Editorial Viewpoints

Everyone knows who starts such violence. Since such elements are not punished, these incidents keep taking place. 

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