If performing puja is not allowed, then offering namaz should also be prohibited in Gynanvapi 

The demand of Saints and sadhus in Kashi Dharma Parishad

The Kashi Dharma Parishad held a meeting on 3rd June 

Varanasi (UP) – The Kashi Dharma Parishad held a meeting on 3rd June during which 22 resolutions were passed. At this time, it was requested that if puja was not allowed there, then the offering namaz be banned until the Court order comes in the case of Gynanvapi. During the meeting, Mahant Swami Balakdas of Patalpuri Muth urged the Muslim religious leaders to give up their claim on the major faith centres of Sanatan Dharma.

Some major resolutions passed by Saints and sadhus

1. It has been demanded that Shivalinga found in Gynanvapi be allowed to be visited and worshipped. Then Muslims should also be prohibited from going there if this is not allowed.

2. The Religious Places Act 1991 should be repealed and a case should be registered against Asaduddin Owaisi for calling Shivalinga a fountain.

3. Letters to be sent to the Imams (religious leaders of Islam) in Mecca and Medina explaining how Aurangzeb destroyed the temples in Kashi.

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