A Muslim man sexually abused a Hindu girl for five years by pretending to be a Brahmin

Bareilly (UP) – Wasim Ansari, a resident of Izzatnagar pretended to be Ravi Sharma, a Brahmin, for five years. He trapped a Hindu girl in love and sexually abused her. The victim lodged a complaint against the accused after the truth of love jihad came to light.

1. According to the girl victim, Wasim Ansari pretended to be Ravi Sharma and contacted her in the year 2017. She was 16 at the time. He gradually contacted her and ensnared her in love.

2. Ansari had said that he is a Brahmin and he wants to marry her. He sexually abused her for five years by telling lies.

3. After seeing Ravi Sharma’s Facebook account, the victim learned that he is Wasim Ansari. Wasim is a tile installer for buildings.

4. She then told him not to contact her again. Wasim, however, arrived drunk at her house and threatened to publish their photos and videos. The victim then lodged a complaint against Wasim Ansari at the Izzatnagar Police station.

Editorial viewpoint

These love jihadists should be prosecuted before a Fast Track Court and sentenced to death in the open square.

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