The European Union will reduce its fuel import from Russia by two-thirds

An attempt to create pressure on Russia to end the war

Brussels (Belgium) – The Russia- Ukraine war will reach the 100-day mark soon. With this in mind, the European Union has agreed to reduce to cut its oil imports from Russia by two-thirds. This information was by the European Council chief Charles Michel. He said that this decision will create pressure on the Russians to end the war.

1.Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, appealed to the European Union to end their internal differences and hoped that they would impose more sanctions on Russia. Zelenskyy demanded a ban on the import of Russian Oil.

2.The rate of sanctions against Russia has been reduced because of the internal differences within the European Union. Hungary has said, that it does not approve of the banning of oil imports from Russia.

3.While Russia has decided to stop supplying gas to the Netherlands. The gas supply has been stopped from the 31st of May.

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