Surana family in Madhya Pradesh on the path of renunciation donating their wealth of 11 crores !

Balaghat (MP) – The millionaire Rakesh Surana started on the path of renunciation along with his wife and son donating his wealth of 11 crores. On 22nd May, they are going to take initiation in Jaipur. Rakesh Surana was a jeweller in Balaghat. Since childhood, Rakesh and his wife wanted to walk on the path of spirituality. Even their son Ameya had decided to do ‘Sadhana’ since he was 4 years old. The Surana family has donated its wealth to the orphanage and the Goushala.

Editorial viewpoint

This is another example of devoting oneself to spirituality, knowing the limitations of the material world. These examples make us feel pity for those intellectuals who consider the pleasure derived from the intellect to be the ultimate happiness !



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