Beef served to Hindu invitees at the Iftar party organised by the BNP in Bangladesh

In the absence of an alternative to beef, Hindus were left gazing

Dhaka (Bangladesh) – The Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) hosted an Iftar party in Sylhet. Party leaders, office bearers, activists and some journalists were present at the party. Some of them were Hindus. At the party, all the invitees (including the Hindus) were offered beef for the Iftar dinner. As there was no alternative to beef in the Iftar dishes at the venue, Hindu activists and journalists at the Iftar party went hungry. Hindu activists of BNP and journalists present took to social media to express their resentment over the incident. They also protested against the organisers and the hosts.

1. Mantu Nath, a local BNP activist, condemned the organisers on social media. He wrote that as there was no other option to eat at the Iftar party except beef, I and 20 Hindu colleagues went hungry. We were looking at all the Muslim leaders and activists breaking their fast.

2. Kanak Kanti Das, a local leader of the BNP student wing said, “You had your Iftar, and we [Hindu invitees] just stared at it.” (It is evident that this was done intentionally – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoint

Can’t the Indian secularists see this ill-treatment of the Hindu minority in a Muslim majority country ?

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