Discard all restrictions of castes & creed and unite to protect Dharma ! : Sadguru Maharshi Om

(From left) Mr Ramkanwar Malik, Mr Shyamsudar Sharma, Sadguru Maharshi Om, Mr Narendra Surve during the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ Convention

Sonipat (Haryana) – “Hindus are being converted very systematically. Guru Gobind Singh’s children and the ten Sikh Gurus sacrificed their lives to protect the Nation and Dharma, but they refused to convert to the Jihadi religion. We should remember this history and unite as Hindus by discarding all restrictions created by castes and creed since this is the need of the hour”, said Sadguru Maharshi Om at the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ Convention organised by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) on 3rd April 2022. The Convention was graced by the presence of Sadguru (Dr) Charudatta Pingale (National Guide of HJS). This Convention received good response from devout Hindu activists, who resolved to work with unity to establish the Hindu Rashtra (Divine Rule). (Sadguru Maharshi Om is originally from Gannaur [Haryana] and is presently staying in Florida (USA) where he propagates Sanatan Dharma.)

Some dignitaries who attended the Convention

Mr Suresh Chawla (of Shriram Sena), Advocate Mohan Kaushik and Advocate Santaram Singh (of VHP), Mr Shyam Sundarji (‘Gou-rakshak’ and Trustee of Navadurga Temple), Mr Narendra Surve (of HJS), Pandit Shyamsundar Sharma, Mr Ramkanwar Malik and Mr Devendra Singh from Panipat.

The thoughts of devout Hindu activists are keeping the sacred fire of Hindu Rashtra Convention burning ! : Sadguru (Dr) Charudatta Pingale

Hindu Rashtra Convention is a sacred fire which has been kept burning by the thoughts of devout Hindu activists. Today, selfish and egoist political leaders come together to grab power; if Hindus who work selflessly for the protection of ‘Hindutva’ come together, we can definitely establish the Hindu Rashtra. As of now, false propaganda is being spread about ‘Hindu’ and ‘Hindutva’ being two different aspects, so as to brand Hindus as terrorists.

Wake up and stop displacement of Hindus in Sonipat : Advocate Mohan Kaushik

Today, the condition of Hindus in Mewat, Haryana is similar to that of their brethren in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir. Of the 534 villages in Mewat, no Hindu is left in 200 villages. A similar condition is being created even in Sonipat. We have to wake up to stop such displacement of Hindus.

Hindus have to be awakened ! : Mr Ramkanwar Malik

Today, the our country and Sanatan Dharma have become lifeless. There is a lot of indifference amongst Hindus to what is happening around them. They need to be awakened and united.

Hindu Rashtra Convention is a sacred fire which has been kept burning by the thoughts of devout Hindu activists !

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