Smt. Mandakini Dagawar becomes Sanatan Sanstha’s 119th Saint

H.H. (Smt.) Mandakini Dagawar

Ramnathi (Goa) – On the auspicious day of Shriram Navami, it was declared that Smt. Mandakini Dagawar (Age 59, from Wardha, Maharashtra) has become Sanatan’s 119th Samasthi Saint. The announcement multiplied the happiness of seekers even as they were experiencing Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) and Anand (Bliss) on Shriram Navami.

Smt. Mandakini Dagawar, has immense yearning for Samashti satseva (Serving people in society for their spiritual emancipation), treats seekers with maternal love so that their spiritual progress takes place rapidly and performs satseva in a bhav-enriched manner besides focussing on perfection. Smt. Mandakini Dagawar is presently residing in Sanatan’s Ramnathi Ashram in Goa.

Shrisatshakti (Mrs) Binda Singbal (Left) felicitated Smt. Mandakini Dagawar (Right)

Shrisatshakti (Mrs) Binda Singbal felicitated Smt. Mandakini Dagawar and presented Her a gift. The bhav (Spiritual emotion) of seekers present for the auspicious function was awakened upon hearing this joyous news.

Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale

Smt. Dagawar is a seeker who is quiet, stable and has intense yearning for sadhana, strives to make her family members and relatives follow the path of Spirituality !

Smt. Mandakini Vijay Dagawar from Wardha has been performing sadhana (Spiritual practice) under the guidance of Sanatan Sanstha since 1998. She didn’t just tell her family about sadhana, but even helped them in every way in their sadhana. On realising the importance of sadhana, she tried to share whatever she learnt with her family and relatives. Today, all her relatives are performing sadhana, and both her children – Mr Amit and Ms Mayuri – are full-time seekers at Ramnathi Ashram. Initially, her husband (Late) Vijay Dagawar was against sadhana, but Smt. Dagawar continued with her sadhana and even performed various satsevas given to her. She struck the right balance between her family duties and satsevas. With her loving nature and doing everything as per the wishes of others, she soon persuaded her husband to perform sadhana. She also encourages new seekers and readers to perform sadhana. All these aspects show her intense yearning for sadhana.

Smt. Dagawar is very sincere in the satsevas given to her and does them perfectly. Even in the severe summer of Vidarbha, she used to go for propagation of Dharma with complete dedication and bhav (Spiritual emotion).

Her husband passed away suddenly in June 2021. With firm faith in God, she remained calm, stable and in communion with God. At that time too, she was focussed on using every moment for sadhana. Looking at sorrows and joys of life with equanimity and facing difficult situations with stability are the signs that her sadhana is going on appropriately.

Her yearning for sadhana, qualities enumerated above and being constantly in a state of gratitude, Smt. Dagawar attained the spiritual level of 61% in 2014. Later, she progressed fast spiritually. Her spiritual level was 69% in 2021, and on today’s auspicious occasion, by attaining the spiritual level of 71%, she has become the 119th Samashti Saint of Sanatan. The sadhana of her children is also going on well, and they too are progressing spiritually.

I am sure that H.H. (Smt.) Dagawar will progress fast spiritually in the future too.

– Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale

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