Hindus protest against the Akshayya Trutiya advt showing Kareena Kapoor without a Bindi

Hindus protest against Malabar Gold`s Akshayya Trutiya advertisement

Mumbai – Malabar Gold and Diamonds owned by M P Ahammed has released an advertisement on the occasion of Akshayya Trutiya featuring Kareena Kapoor wearing their gold jewellery without a Bindi.  As the advertisement was for the Hindu festival and Kareena Kapoor is shown without a Bindi, Hindus are protesting against Malabar Gold and Diamonds.  (The establishment owned by Muslims would have taken into consideration the Muslim attire when airing advertisements during Eid. However, why Hindu attire and culture are not considered when creating advertisements during Hindu festivals ? – Editor)

Most Hindu women wear kumkum or bindi on their foreheads. It has special significance in Hindu festivals. However, Malabar Gold and Diamonds has tried to break the tradition of Hindus by showing actress Kareena Kapoor Khan without a Bindi in its advertisement. This is an insult to Hindu Dharma. Therefore, many devout Hindus have criticised Malabar Gold and Diamonds through social media.

Editorial Comment

In the past for Diwali, many companies had shown women in their advertisements without Bindis, and only after Hindus protested the advertisements were changed and women were shown with a Bindi. Please note that this is a ploy to attack Hindu tradition through advertisements.

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