Only 40 heritage sites from India on UNESCO’s world heritage list !

New Delhi – UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) has announced the 2022 list of valuable heritage sites around the world. In this list, only 40 heritage sites have been identified in India. Out of which, 32 cultural, 7 natural and 1 a mix of both have been listed. The maximum number of heritage sites were from Italy, which has a total of 58 heritage sites. The rest of the list included countries like China which has 56, Germany has 51 and France and Spain have 49 sites each. UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee has just concluded its 44th meeting in China.

Hindu Dharma has a rich history dating back millions of years. Hence, there are over thousands of sites in India which stand as testimony to this rich history, unfortunately, the history of India is purposely ignored on the international platform and European nations whose history dates back to a mere 1500-2000 years, their historical sites are getting included in the list by UNESCO.

Editorial comment

India, which has a rich heritage of thousands of years, only 40 heritage sites are on UNESCO’s world heritage list. Does UNESCO even understand how to identify monuments ?

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