India’s takeaway from Russia-Ukraine War

(Retired) Brigadier Hemant Mahajan

Every city in Ukraine is ready like a fort for War

During the initial phase of Russia-Ukraine War, Russia was under the impression that its huge weaponry will create fear in the Ukrainian camp; however, 12 days on coupled with a large number of Russian troops in the Ukrainian territory, Ukraine remained unaffected. Russia’s imagination that the entry of its army will create fear in the enemy camp is proving to be inappropriate. Every city of Ukraine has been geared up for the War like a fort.

Ukraine’s lack of defence measures by on its borders allowing the Russian troops direct entry to its territory

Ukraine was always aware that attack from Russian troops is on the cards. And yet, they took no defence measures. Presently, Ukraine is fighting spiritedly and giving the Russian troops a fitting reply. Ukrainians are making very good use of ‘Shoulder-fired missiles. Using these, they have destroyed Russian planes, helicopters and drones. Russian military advanced in all the Ukrainian cities. They even took control of two nearby cities; however, it is 8 days since they surrounded Ukraine capital Kyiv. Russian forces have entered the city from all sides. They will have to enter every building and kill the soldiers who are attacking them from building tops or evacuate them. To do this they will need large number of battalions, and Russia does not have the numbers.

When Russian President Putin realised that Russian operation has substantially slowed down, he ordered his troops to increase their pace. Consequently, the Russian army is entirely dependent on artillery guns, helicopters, drones and air force. It looks like they are not prepared to come face to face with the enemy. Hence, Russia is unable to take control of the capital city even after 7 days of warfare. The entire Ukrainian force is hiding in bunkers, tube railways (tunnels), etc. As a result, the Ukrainian army is not affected by Russian firing and the strength of its forces has remained the same.

When compared with Ukraine forces, Russian resistance is waning

The fact is that intensity of Russia’s attack is waning. Ukraine’s Tank Hunting Team is doing a very good job against the Russian army. Russia has used their paratroopers in this warfare; however, they have met with very little success.

This simply means that the Russian leadership will have to change its strategy and intensify its attacks. So far, Ukrainian leadership has displayed superior tactical ability.

What is India’s takeaway from Russia-Ukraine War ?

The Russia-Ukraine War is being fought on different fronts. One is information technology. India has much to learn from this front of warfare. India has to devise a plan to use the social media against its arch rival China. Cyber defence has to be strengthened to deal with cyber-attacks. As and when there is a War, take the help of Indian hackers and attack the enemy from all sides in all ways possible.

India should take a leaf from this War and restructure its defence strategies. All opposition parties in Ukraine have united against the Russian aggression. The Mayor of each city is leading the fight back. The citizens too are enthusiastically participating in the War. We, as Indians, should not only study these warfare techniques but should practice them as well. During emergencies such as War, the entire Nation stands united and if there is War against China, we can use these techniques. – (Retired) Brigadier Hemant Mahajan, Pune.