Court convicts the servant, and two others involved in the suicide case of H.H. Bhayyuji Maharaj 6 years imprisonment

H.H. Bhaiyyuji Maharaj

Indore (MP) – Based on the evidence the Indore Court has convicted H.H. Bhayyuji Maharaj’s servant Vinayak Dudhale, driver Sharad Deshmukh and caretaker Palak of inciting him to commit suicide. All three have been sentenced to six years of imprisonment. Palak, the caretaker found guilty, is accused of extorting lakhs of rupees from H.H. Bhayyuji Maharaj. The Police had already arrested her. In 2018, H.H. Bhayyuji Maharaj committed suicide by shooting himself with a licensed revolver. He also wrote a letter before committing suicide. Initially, family friction or depression was believed to be the cause of suicide. Surprisingly, a few months before his suicide, he announced that he was retiring from social and spiritual activities.

Introduction of H.H. Bhayyuji Maharaj

H.H. Bhayyuji Maharaj was a resident of Indore and had a following of Political leaders and film actors from all over the country. Devendra Fadnavis, Vilasrao Deshmukh and former President Pratibha Patil used to visit him for discussions. H.H. Bhayyuji Maharaj had helped the children of farmers who committed suicide in Maharashtra. His organisation has built 500 ponds in Marathwada. He was a big motivation for the afforestation movement. He never accepted any gifts from people, instead encouraged them to plant a tree.




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