Petition in Supreme Court regarding sexual harassment of a woman judge of Madhya Pradesh District Court !

Editorial comment

If the allegations of the woman judge are factual and the judges are indeed lustful, then the matter is very serious. What is wrong if the general public thinks, ‘How would such a judge handle cases of women victims ?’

Bhopal (MP) – A woman judge working in a District Court in Madhya Pradesh is being sexually harassed by a senior judge. The woman judge, who was sexually harassed by her superior, has resigned. She has filed a plea in the Supreme Court seeking justice. The Supreme Court had constituted a committee of two judges in this case; however, the victim woman judge was dissatisfied with the committee. As a result, she has filed a plea in the Supreme Court. Parliament had passed a motion to impeach the judge against whom the woman judge had lodged a complaint.

1. The woman judge said an internal investigation committee should have been appointed immediately after the sexual harassment incident came to light. The committee needed to investigate transparently; however, this rule was not followed.

2. The judge, who has been charged with sexual harassment, is also accused of pressuring the victim to relocate. The woman was forced to either relocate or resign.

3. Advocate Indira Jaising will represent the victim woman judge. She said, ‘If women judges are the ones who are being sexually harassed in the workplace, then there is no forum for filing a complaint against it. The committee set up to deal with sexual harassment complaints in Court is limited to staff and officials’. (Will the Government take cognisance of this allegation and take steps to provide a platform for the aggrieved woman judge to raise her grievances ? – Editor)

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