Attempt to create independent existence of Syed Jalal Shah Dargah through illegal construction at the entrance of Sewri fort in Mumbai !

Green flags at several places outside the entrance of the fort !

As usual, negligence of Archaeological Department !

Editorial comment

Stop Islamisation of forts and fortresses ! The Government should imprison those who carry out and allow illegal constructions on forts and fortresses.

Mumbai – The Syed Jalal Shah Dargah is expanding at the entrance of the Sewri fort in Mumbai, which existed since the 16th century before the British came to India. Dargah Sharif Hazrat Syed Jalal Shah and its associated structures have been built on about 1 acre of land at the entrance of the fort. New construction has taken place here over the years, but this is being neglected by the Archaeology Department.

Sewri fort comes under the jurisdiction of the Archaeological Department of the Government of Maharashtra. It is mentioned in the history of the fort that it was under the control of Bahadur Shah in 1500 AD. It is said that Bahadur Shah built this Dargah at the entrance of the fort during this period; however, according to learned elders here, the place of this Dargah is the place of one of the Navnaths. That is why some Hindus also visit the place. The size of this dargah has been illegally increased in the last few years. A large structure of the Dargah has been constructed and a Muslim family has been living there for its maintenance. Goats are also tamed for the livelihood of this family.

Dargah being glorified instead of the fort !

Outside the fort, a small board of only 1 foot in length and width has been erected indicating that the fort belongs to the State Archaeological Department. There are many green flags outside the entrance of the fort. So, instead of a fort, it is being glorified as a ‘religious centre of Islam’.

Due to Hindus’ apathy, the place has a large arch with Dargah’s name on it, but there isn’t even a small board indicating the fort’s name !

The Archaeological Department has not erected any sign outside the fort stating that there is a Sewri fort here. Whereas a separate paved road leading to the Dargah has been constructed at some distance from the road leading to the fort and a large arch named after the Dargah has been constructed at its entrance. The construction of a Dargah parallel to the fort at the entrance of Sewri fort has been illegally extended and its independent existence has been created. All these constructions are going on illegally in the fort site but the Archaeology Department is neglecting it.

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