A Tamil Nadu school principal sexually harassed girls with vulgar messages !

Editorial comments

  • These types of heinous activities are rampant in the schools sponsored by the church or Christian organisations.
  • What guidance a principal might provide when he is involved in the sexual harassment of girls !

Tirunelveli (TN) – Samaria Yovan Higher Secondary School is a Government-aided convent school. Principal Christopher Jebokumar used to send sexually explicit messages to 12th class girls. The parents filed a complaint, since then Jebokumar has fled.

Jebkumar acquired girls’ phone numbers under the pretext of online classes. He used to share obscene content and posts. A girl shared the incident with her friend when it surfaced that many girls had been receiving such messages. The parents have filed a case under POCSO law. Jebakumar went missing fearing an arrest; the Police are searching for him.

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