Pope Francis should apologise to Hindus ! : VHP

Demand on the background of atrocities committed by Christians on Hindus for 350 years !

Editorial comment

The need for this demand by VHP shouldn’t arise. The Central Government should itself take an initiative for it !

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – The Vishva Hindu Parishad has organised a three-day gathering in Junagarh, Gujarat, about freeing the Hindu temples from Government takeover, bringing the converted Hindus back to Hindu Dharma, etc. In the background of the visit of the religious Pope Francis to India, VHP has demanded that the Christians should apologise to the Hindus for the atrocities committed for 350 years.

Similarly, they have demanded that he should announce that the Hindus will no longer be converted. In this gathering organised by VHP, various Hindu organisations, religious heads, etc will be participating. VHP will be completing 60 years in 2024, hence, there will also be a discussion regarding the expansion of VHP.