Administration issue notice to remove loudspeakers from the Havanshala of Shaktipeeth Ambaji temple at Banaskantha, Gujarat

Notice withdrawn after Hindus warned that loudspeakers on all mosques in Gujarat will be removed !

Editorial comments

  • Hindus should firmly ask Administration to remove the loudspeakers from the mosques first, then Hindus will turn off the loudspeakers on Hindu temples by themselves !
  • Hindus do not expect the notice to be issued for the removal of loudspeakers on the Havanshala of a Shakti Peeth temple instead of removing loudspeakers on mosques in the BJP-ruled Gujarat !

Banaskantha (Gujarat) – The Administration has withdrawn the order to remove the loudspeakers installed on the Havanshala at the Ambaji temple here, which is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas. The Administration had issued a notice saying that the loudspeakers should be removed as it was causing noise pollution and trouble to the citizens of the area. However, the notice was withdrawn after a warning was given by Yogi Devnath, President of Kutch Sant Samaj. Yogi Devnath had tweeted along with posting the letter sent by the Administration, saying, ‘If the Administration does not withdraw this order, the loudspeakers on all the mosques in Gujarat will be removed’.

Yajnas and Havans are performed at 14 places in the Havanshala of the temple. The Administration had said that people were complaining that the voices from yajnas and havans were causing distress as they take place concurrently.