Chinese rail and road network to reach Lumbini in Nepal !

This may prove dangerous for India

Editorial comment

  • This emphasises that India needs to be more aggressive while China is capturing the neighbouring countries. The developments like these emphasise the shortcomings of India’s foreign policy.
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Kathmandu (Nepal) – Wang Yi, the Foreign Affairs Minister of China announced that China is building a rail and road network to Lumbini (Nepal). He further stated,’ With rail and road network, Nepal which is landlocked by mountains will have better connectivity with the world.’ Lumbini is located in southern Nepal which is near the Indian border. It is just 95 km away from Gorakhpur (UP) border. On the other hand, China is also building railroads to the Indian Ocean through Myanmar.

According to ‘South China Morning Post’, 8 Billion dollars are being spent on a project, which aims to develop rail infrastructure up to Kathmandu and Tibet. Nepal will surely benefit from this project, however, it will also get into the Chinese debt trap.